Eat This, Not That! 

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You really should give yourself a hand: You wake up before most of your city to put in time at Bootcamp pumping out reps of exercises and crushing laps.

You eat well, keep those cheat meals to a minimum and carry a water bottle everywhere. You’re not in it for rapid weight loss, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have athletic—and aesthetic—goals. Don’t you deserve foods just as dedicated to working hard for your body as your lifting schedule? Yeah, we thought so. Fuel your workouts—and recovery—with these muscle-building foods that pack in the protein without sacrificing flavor.

Check out their top 1o protein choices

8 Foods That Should Have Warning Labels

Deadly Warnings Needed 

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8 Foods That Should Have Warning LabelsThe editors of the new Eat This, Not That! magazine identified some of the most worrisome foodstuffs in America (many of them are banned in Europe) These new rules represent a solid first step toward keeping consumers informed about what they’re eating, and what the implications of eating them may be.

Celebrities Eat Like A Caveman To Stay Fit

Megan Fox

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Celebrities Eat Like A Caveman To Stay Fit Unlike any other complicated meal diet plan that include counting of sugar, carbs , a regimen of secret pills just to lose weight, Paleo diet is simple and
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Paleo recipe: egg with Rainbow Chard and cinnamonSimple but good. Cooking chard with a little cinnamon adds sweetness to balance the green leaves. Use whatever egg you like – a duck egg would be
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