Carbs Can Make You Fat

Carbs Can Make You Fat Guys

“Ed do carbohydrates make you fat…?”

I always get asked if carbohydrates make you fat. Carbohydrates have the potential to make you fat, if you eat too many of them and lead a sedentary lifestyle with a bad diet.
There’s a lot of heat around the topic of insulin resistance in the fitness industry which has made a lot of people think that it is carbohydrates which make them fat. Yes, the potential is there but as ever you have to gain perspective on these subjects and put them into context otherwise you’ll quickly jump to conclusions which just aren’t accurate.
Insulin resistance happens in people who don’t move a lot, have too much body fat and over eat. This causes something called beta-cell dysfunction to happen which downgrades your ability to produce enough insulin to match the carbohydrates you’ve eaten… In time this causes insulin resistance, which is where a lot of the carbophobia has been born from.
Notice that I said it happens when:
A) People overeat (generally processed food)
B) Don’t exercise enough

These are two very important variables which people forget about when they start blaming carbohydrates for obesity and generally gaining fat. Carbohydrates are the best kind of fuel, provided you get them from the correct place. If you’re training as hard as we do, you’re doing a lot of glycolytic exercise which creates a demand for carbohydrates. Therefore you’re metabolically tuned to utilise carbohydrates, which means provided you’re exercising portion control, following your training, doing your cardio and taking your Motiv8 Burn supplements they will not make you fat.3

What people seem to forget about carbohydrates is that they’re very powerful for building muscle and burning fat. They cause a surge in metabolic activity by spiking your thyroid (which governs metabolic rate) and they are also “protein sparing” making them very anabolic.
Rather than completely target carbohydrates and blame them for everything, look at all of the variables and be smart enough to recognise that they are actually really valuable to you.