90 Day Challenge Rules & Categories


So this year we’re gonna mix it up a little bit folks.  Yeah I know, what else is new?  But if you don’t make a change then you will just remain the same.

Category 1

Food-I thought of making you break down your meals, then I heard all the whining in my head. So instead, since everyone has a phone, you will gain points by taking pictures of your meals.  This will allow me to help you make corrections if you’re not getting the results your working towards.  So snap away and move up the ladder!

Category 2

Attendance-This is a no brainer… you show up, you get credit!

Category  3

Body Fat Loss-You will be weighed before the 90 Day Challenge.  As that number drops, you climb the ladder!

Category 4

Monthly Team Competition-Each month you will draw a new partner???  You may have one or two, maybe even three partners.

This is where you will be able to show what you can do and what a great teammate you can be.