45 Day Challenge

Lanuch Date for the NEW YEAR is January 15th

So here is the rules for this amazing contest Dum….Dum…..Dummmmmm lol

Score points in MULTIPLE ways.

1 The dreaded Body Fat % loss   (you will be weighed at the begining and the end of the contest)

2 Text Me your meals  (crap Ed every meal thats so hard but let me take a selfie)

3 Put Up on a Social Media Platform something about Class, Fun your having, about the contest and Tag MANUPBOOTCAMP

4 Actually Show Up to class  (Duh)

5 Bring a Friend to one free class (as long as you tell me there coming and not just show up with them)


Boy Ed thats seems like a lot of work!

Well this is what you get for doing this (a better body, a healthier lifestyle, some greatful friends AND 1 FREE MONTH OF BOOTCAMP!!!

And thats not all there will be TWO WINNERS 1 Male and 1 Female!!!!



BODY FAT 1st 100pts, 2nd 75pts, 3rd 50pts, 4th 25pts 5th-10th 10pts      (shoes on or off, I wll count layers of clothes must be the same, same weigh times am=am pm=pm)

MEAL PICS-  3 points daily                                                                             ( no same pics I will Look, It can be a collage of your meals, and I want a breif discription)

Social Media- Shout out 5 points daily                                                         Tag MANUP BOOTCAMP

Attendance- 1point for each class 5 max per week                                       Some people work weekends so thats why I want to keep it fair.  Doubles are permited to make up days

Bring A Friend To a free Class 10 points                                                      Must have them registered with me by 9pm the latest the night before “NO EXCEPTIONS” No Duplicates


Look forward to seeing how this changes lives